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Common Door Lock Issues Your Locksmith Can Fix

The locks you install in your home or office determine how safe your family or workers and equipment, inventory, or any other property will be. If your locks are not functional, they will compromise your security.

While most business owners install high-quality locks that can last many years, the components are bound to get worn out.

When this happens to your locks, hire a locksmith to diagnose the issue and offer the best solution. 

Below are some lock system problems a locksmith can handle.

Broken Lock Mechanism

If a locking mechanism is faulty, the door will not lock or unlock after you insert the key. 

The mechanism is usually inside the lock, so you will only see the issue if you open it. Even if you have a screwdriver and can open the lock, there is a high chance you need help figuring out what to do.

Locksmiths understand how different locking mechanisms work. Thus, they will spot the problem quickly. Instead of DIYing, call a locksmith to restore the internal lock mechanism function. If the damage is extensive and impossible to repair, they will install another lock to secure your business.

Jammed Key

Keys can get stuck in the lock when you least expect them to. For instance, it can happen you are trying to open or lock the premises.

When this happens, some people panic and try to force the key. You should not make this mistake since it can cause irreparable damage to the key and the lock's internal components.

It is best to call a locksmith who offers 24/7 emergency service to help. They will repair or replace the lock depending on the cause of this problem. 

Door Latch Misalignment

If you have wooden doors, they may get warped or bowed over time. The expansion and retraction that occurs due to weather changes cause this issue. Over time, the lock, strike plate, and latch will not align, making it difficult to use the door.

Some property owners ignore this problem because the door can still lock and unlock. However, your property needs to be adequately secure at all times. Besides, ignoring the issue will eventually lead to a lock malfunction. So, get a locksmith to align the door latch.

Whenever you notice your door locks aren't working as smoothly as expected, you should seek professional help immediately. Remember, locks, like any other part of your home or office, get worn out.

Contact a locksmith for more information. 

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