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4 Facts To Know About Getting A Master Key

Most property owners use master keys, especially when managing rental units. This is because such a system helps you access any part of the property during emergencies and offers backup in case the primary key gets lost. Moreover, a master key system can be crucial because it uses fewer keys, which lowers the cost of lock installation. Note that the system includes a master key that can open all doors and smaller units that open specific ones. Here are some essential things you should know about the lock mechanism and why you should try to adopt it.

They Prevent Copying

The system is sophisticated and follows a unique pathway. More so, once you have the key, someone else cannot duplicate it or create a similar one. At the same time, you can access all the doors as long as you have the primary key. Therefore, the person heading your security will have access to the entire building, and anybody else that tries to gain access without proper authorization will get barred.

You Can Get Key Tracking

It is also possible to fit the keys with a device that allows tracking movement at all times. This way, you will know when the keys are in the wrong hands. It also makes it easier to locate them when you misplace or can't find them. Ultimately, this takes the stress out of lockouts.

The Security of the Key Is Maintained

Once you agree to install this master key system, you will get several master keys that can open multiple doors. Note that they are created and given specific serial numbers making it impossible for someone to get them without your permission. More so, the professionals can track the serial numbers and make sure they're with their original owners at all times.

You Can Get Rekey Services

Whether using regular keys or the master key system, situations will arise when you need to change them. This is especially the case when your keys fall into the hands of unauthorized people who may want to use them to access your information and compromise your security. If this happens to you, the best way to deal with the situation is by rekeying the locks. You should know that the locksmith will transform how the locking mechanisms work so that the person with the master cannot access all your private spaces.

These are some ways a master key system can improve your security situation. So, talk to a competent locksmith and learn everything you should about the system and its applications. They will help you secure your property in a simple and stress-free way. 

For more info about locksmith services, contact a local company. 

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picking a safe for your home

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