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4 Essential Qualities Of Handicap Automatic Operated Doors

Doors are an essential component of our residential and commercial buildings. Unfortunately, the accessibility of these doors is sometimes insensitive to people living with disabilities. You can install a new door or replace an existing one to attain inclusive accessibility. Handicap-operated doors are a good investment at your commercial premises or home.

Here are four essential qualities of handicap automatic operated doors.

Disability needs and legal requirements

The disability needs you plan to meet are a central concern when choosing auto-operated doors. Some of the key considerations include the size of the door to allow access via wheelchairs and other mobility equipment. You also need to consider the location of the door and possibly provide railings and a ramp to assist people living with impairments.

Secondly, there is a legal requirement that prohibits disability-based discrimination. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) directs that people with impairments be given equal access to employment and seamless access to government facilities. The act also dictates that this group needs facilitation to access transportation, public accommodation, and private commercial premises. It is your responsibility to comply by installing automatically operated doors.

Door openers and activators

After you identify the need and install an automated door, you need to understand how it will be operated. You can use actuators or pneumatic operators to open and close the doors. The actuators are controlled electronically and can be attached to your door during installation. They are the best pick if you desire silent operation, and the operator has a backup power supply in case of a blackout. On the other hand, pneumatic operators have air compressors that use pressure to open the doors. They save energy and are a good option during emergencies because they do not need power.

The openers need activators. They can be operated by an approach sensor or a pressure activator. If you desire extra security, you can opt for access control to only give access to a few people with remote control.

Door entry mechanism

Automatically operated doors have several entry alternatives. The common entry mechanisms include swinging doors, telescopic doors, sliding doors, and revolving doors. You need to consider the number of people who are supposed to use the door and their needs.

Door fire rating

The last but vital feature of good automatic operated doors is the fire rating. People living with disabilities have mobility challenges and need some protection during fire emergencies.

Fire-rated doors can stop or slow fire spread, control smoke, and sometimes control conductive and radiant heat movement. Most are made from fire-eaters glass.

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