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Should You Replace Or Rekey Your Door Lock After Losing Your Key?

If you lose a key to your house, it's always a good idea to have the locks changed for safety reasons. This is even more important if it's possible for someone to match the key to you or your house if they find it. A locksmith can put in a new lock or just rekey the one you have. Here's a look at how to decide which option is right for you.

Rekeying Is Less Expensive

As long as the lock is still in good shape and you like the way the lock works and looks, you can have it rekeyed. This costs less than having the entire lock replaced. This entails changing the springs and pins so the locking mechanism is different and the door requires a different key to operate it.

Your old keys will no longer work, so you don't have to worry about someone finding and using your lost key. When your door lock is rekeyed, the result makes your door just as secure as it would be if you had the entire lock replaced. This makes rekeying a good option if you want a new secure lock at the lowest price.

Changing The Lock Gives You Options

While it costs more to change the complete lock, choosing this approach gives you more options. If you've been wanting to change your lock to a more convenient digital model, a sturdier and more secure model, or just to a lock that's more modern and attractive, this is a good time to do it since a locksmith will already be at your home.

When the lock is changed out, you'll have a new lock and new keys, so your home will be secured against someone trying to use your lost key. A locksmith can help you select the best lock for you so you'll have one that works with your smart system or one that's easier for you to operate with your hands full or when you have arthritis or other hand problems.

If your old lock is a basic model, you might be surprised at the options available in new locks, like those that include the ability to operate the lock remotely and create temporary spare digital keys. Even if you prefer a standard lock and key, if your lock is old, you might want to upgrade it to a model that's more secure and more difficult to bump or kick open.

Whether you choose rekeying or replacing the lock, you should call a locksmith without delay when you lose your keys. Someone who finds them might act fast so they can get in your home before you have a chance to change the locks, so have the work done right away to keep your home and family safe.

To learn more, contact a locksmith.

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