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Meeting ADA Standards With New Accessible Doors: Get A Locksmith Fast

If you have been told that you need to change all of your doors and entrances to meet ADA regulations and compliance, you want to start working with a locksmith in your area to get the process started. The American Disabilities Act ensures that you have the proper entrances to accommodate those with disabilities, and you don't want to be fined or penalized for noncompliance. Here are some of the things you want to talk about with a locksmith:

Getting High-Quality, Wide Glass Doors

Wider glass doors that allow wheelchairs to pass through with ease are a great accessory to the building, but they may make you concerned about safety. If you are making this improvement, be sure that you get the strongest glass you can afford, so it's shatterproof and has high wind resistance.

This way someone can't easily smash through the door, and it can't easily be broken. The highest quality of glass you can afford is worth the investment.

Automatic Opening Features

You want a door that opens automatically when a button is pressed, so that people that are disabled and need assistance can come in and go out without complications. Since this is a security issue, you want to be sure that the buttons are deactivated when the automatic locking systems are on. These should be available on both sides of the doors.

Automatic Locks

You want the door to have a durable automatic locking system. This way the door can be shut in an instant, either electronically by you from a phone, or from someone who is in the building. This will lock as soon as a security system is activated, and this isn't like a deadbolt that can be kicked in. Inquire about getting more than one lock on the door so it has more than one point where the door is locked into place.

You want to make sure that you meet all of the ADA standards that are necessary, and that you are adapting to the needs of all your potential clients. A locksmith isn't just great at installing locks -- they are also trained in security, so they should be able to help you evaluate the facility and its safety. They will also be able to tell you if all of the locks and doors and accommodations meet the standards that are set by the ADA, and you will be prepped properly.

For more information, contact a company in your area that offers ADA hardware locksmith services.

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