picking a safe for your home

Questions To Answer Before Buying A Car Gun Safe

There may come a time when you will need to leave a firearm in your vehicle. This could be because you will be entering a gun-free zone, such as a school or federal building, or simply because you are in a situation where you don't wish to carry. Yet, you still need to make sure the firearm is secure. The following questions and answers can help you solve this conundrum.

Why do you need vehicle storage?

You can't choose a storage method unless you know what you want out of it. Do you simply need a safe place to stow your gun while you are in the car, or do you need a fully concealed storage area for times when you are outside of the vehicle? If you need accessible storage without the need for security against theft, a Velcro holster fitted to your firearm under the dash, in the glove box, or beneath the seat may be sufficient. These holsters feature quick release Velcro closures so you can get to your firearm quickly. If security is an issue, a concealed lock box may be a better option.

Do local laws affect your choices?

In most areas you will need a concealed and carry permit, even if you are only planning to conceal when you must leave the gun in the car when you are not there. Otherwise, the only legal storage method may be in plain sight on the dash. Obviously, this may be a concern since it will leave the firearm susceptible to theft.  Even if you plan to avoid the necessity of leaving a gun unattended in your car, you may someday find yourself in a situation where you must. For example, if you live in a state that has a law that makes it illegal to carry in places that sell liquor, and you end up at an impromptu meeting at such a place while carrying, you will be relieved if you already have a car safe installed instead of just a Velcro holster. As a responsible gun owner you know the local laws, but it is also important to prepare for any realistic scenarios such as this

What safety concerns are there?

Safety should be your primary concern. If you plan to conceal with an easy to access car mounted holster, then it needs to be installed so the firearm is aimed away from the driver and any passengers in the event a car accident leads to a misfire. If security is the main concern, then you need a concealed car safety that is firmly bolted of welded to the frame of the vehicle, thus making theft unlikely. Also, keep in mind the level of accessibility you desire-- a fingerprint lock is much quicker to access than one requiring a key or a code. 

Talk to a car safe retailer to find the option that will best suit your needs. Contact a business, such as Stack Arms, for more information. 

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picking a safe for your home

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