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How You Can Easily Hide A Spare Key Outside

Do not make the mistake of assuming that a spare house key left outside will always be found by criminals trying to break into your home. All you have to do is to make sure that you are hiding it as well as possible. To help you do this, you will want to consider making use of one of the following suggestions.

Inside Of The Dog House

If you have a dog house on your property, you might want to make use of it as a place that can hide your spare key. After all, it is unlikely that a criminal is going to go near a dog house in hopes that there might be a spare house key hidden in there. He or she will not want a dog to start barking, or worse yet, bite. So to hide your spare house key in the dog house, you will want to use industrial strength tape and secure it to the inside wall of the dog house. Place it high enough so it is not easily seen by anyone walking by.  

In A Flower Pot On The Porch

The nice thing about a flower pot on the porch is that it is out in the open and it is less likely that anyone will stand on your porch for a long time searching for a spare key that is well-hidden because they would not want to attract a lot of attention to themselves. Now, instead of simply taping the spare key to the bottom of the flower pot, you will want to hide the key within the soil in the flower pot. This conceals the key much better. You might want to place your spare house key inside of a medication bottle with a lid. Make sure that the lid is on nice and tight so water cannot make its way inside of it and cause your key to rust. Dig a little hole in the flower pot soil, place the bottle in the hole, and then cover the top of it with soil. To help you remember which section of the flower pot soil holds your spare house key, you might want to place a cute pebble, rock, or a tiny decorative figure in that spot. This way, when you need to go and retrieve it, you will know just where to look without having to pour all of the soil out.

As you can now see, hiding your spare house key outside is a very simply task. For further assistance, contact a local locksmith.

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