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3 Tips For Making Your Home More Secure

If you want to be sure that you are able to protect your home so that it is safe and secure, it will boil down to some crucial guidelines. With the United States experiencing more than 2 million home burglaries annually, you will need to be sure that you are always taking precautions. By following the three tips below, you can make your home secure on a regular basis. Keep reading and don't hesitate to touch base with a home security company that can help you out. 

Tip #1: Install The Right Deadbolts For All Of Your Exterior Locks

In order to make your home as secure as possible, you will want to install some exterior deadbolts. The vast majority of burglaries occur because the home did not have the appropriate deadbolts installed to prevent it. This is critical since the garage door is usually the weakest link in terms of your home's lock and key system. In addition to installing the right exterior locks, be sure that your backyard is not easily accessible, so that you can thwart would-be thieves before even getting to the locks. 

Tip #2: Have A Home Security Company Put In Extensive Exterior Lighting

Having a home that is well lit will allow you to prevent thieves from approaching your property. When you have motion lights installed in the front and back of the house, they will protect your home from dusk to dawn. You can double down on this security measure by also installing a light timer in your upstairs hallway so that potential thieves can never tell whether someone in the home is awake and active. Have a professional home security contractor install these lights in order to use them as efficiently as you can. 

Tip #3: Follow Some Proper Lock Use Guidelines And Secure Exterior Fixtures

Getting the best locks installed is one thing, but you also need to follow some tips that will let you make the best use of them as well. In addition to getting quality locks installed for your door, you should also outfit your windows with keyed locks. Be sure to lock sliding glass doors and keep your exterior valuables, like gardening equipment, locked away and out of the eyesight of thieves. You can also get locks and keys installed on your gate to make them more secure. 

Follow these three tips so that your home can be more secure against burglars. Contact a service like Roland Park Lock And Key for more help.

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picking a safe for your home

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