Picking a Safe for Your Home

Four Good Reasons To Add A Keyless Entry System For Your Business

If you’re in the market for a new entrance system for your business–either because your system is outdated or because you are adding a new office location, you might want to consider a keyless entry system instead of adding the same type of entrance system you’ve used in the past. A keyless system enhances security […]

Is Your Teen Moving To College To Be On Their Own? Prepare For Mishaps And Save

If you are getting ready to move your teen out for college and you worry about them having mishaps that will cost you a lot of money, you can make some preparations in advance. If you worry your teen is going to do things like get locked out, have items stolen out of their living […]

4 Myths About Locksmiths To Know

Hiring a locksmith is something you may have to do if you find yourself in an emergency situation, such as you locked your keys in your house or car, you have lost your keys, or you have broken the keys and can’t gain access to your home or car. However, hiring a locksmith in these […]

How You Can Easily Hide A Spare Key Outside

Do not make the mistake of assuming that a spare house key left outside will always be found by criminals trying to break into your home. All you have to do is to make sure that you are hiding it as well as possible. To help you do this, you will want to consider making […]

Great Places To Hide Your Spare House Keys Outside

Whether you want to make sure that you are never locking yourself out of your home again, or you never want to risk it happening for the first time, you will want to hide a spare key outside. To make sure that you are hiding your house key in a god spot where fewer people […]

Choosing The Best Deadbolt For Your Exterior Doors

One way to improve your home security is to make sure that you have the best lock possible on your front and back doors. A home burglar looks for the easiest way into your home and will try the doors first. If they are thwarted by locks that are difficult to break or cut through, […]

4 Tips To Keep Your Commercial Building Safe

In order to protect your building over the long haul, the practices you keep and the way that you secure the building need to be considered. There are a few tips that you will want to keep in mind so that your business is safe from burglaries, theft, and other forms of invasion. This is […]

3 Tips For Making Your Home More Secure

If you want to be sure that you are able to protect your home so that it is safe and secure, it will boil down to some crucial guidelines. With the United States experiencing more than 2 million home burglaries annually, you will need to be sure that you are always taking precautions. By following […]

Want To Install Security Cameras On Your Property? 2 Things To Do To Maximize Their Effectiveness

House burglaries may not be that common, with 2,159,878 reports in 2010 out of 117,540,000 households, which calculates to 1.8% of all households experiencing a burglary. But this is not something that you want to take lightly, especially because it can put your family in a dangerous situation. One of the ways to prevent a […]