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3 Reasons To Hire A Locksmith When Moving Into A New Home

Purchasing a new home is a big step that many American families take each year. It can also be a hectic and exciting time. Often new homeowners are mostly concerned with the moving process. Once the move is over, decorating, settling in, and fixing up the home often takes precedence. One thing that often gets pushed aside is security concerns. This can be a big mistake that can lead to a home robbery. When moving into a new home, locksmith services can help provide some much needed security features. 

New Locks

Replacing all of the locks in a recently purchased home is something that should be done as soon as possible. However, it's something that many new homeowners forget to do. Not changing out the locks can be a big gamble. Who knows how many copies of the home's keys are floating around? These keys can easily fall into unsavory hands. This is why hiring a locksmith to change the locks is essential. There are a couple of different options. Re-keying the locks means that the locks remain in place but they are reset to work with brand new keys. This can cost anywhere between $60 and $200 for a home with four locks. Installing new locks involves placing entirely new lock mechanisms in the door. This is more expensive, costing around $220 to $420. 

Security Audit

When moving into a new home, it's not always enough to change the locks. There may be some glaring security gaps that the new homeowner is unaware of. A home security audit is a service provided by locksmiths that can help fill in these gaps in security. A home security audit gives homeowners a comprehensive list of areas that are vulnerable as well as what measures should be taken in order to improve security.


One thing that many homeowners find in their new home is a safe left by previous owners. Getting inside these safes can be tricky without a combination or key. That's where locksmith services come in. The cost of cracking a safe is highly dependent on the type of safe as well as its age; however, it can easily cost a few hundred dollars. For homeowners who are considering installing a safe, hiring a locksmith is the way to go. On average, safe installation costs between $705 and $871. Getting a safe installed can help protect a homeowner's valuables.

Hiring a locksmith is a must after purchasing a new home. Replacing locks is the first step in making a new home secure. A home security audit can help identify other security threats. Locksmiths are also able to deal with old safes and install new ones. Visit to learn more.

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