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Great Places To Hide Your Spare House Keys Outside

Whether you want to make sure that you are never locking yourself out of your home again, or you never want to risk it happening for the first time, you will want to hide a spare key outside. To make sure that you are hiding your house key in a god spot where fewer people are likely to find it, you will want to take a few moments to review the following suggestions.

In The Soil Of Your Flower Bed

This is a great place to hide your spare key because it is unlikely that a criminal is going to take the time to start digging through all of your flower beds in hopes of finding a spare key. Of course, you will need to be careful with your placement of the key in the soil in order to prevent rust from forming on it and so you will be able to easily find it again. The best thing to do is to place your spare house key inside of a prescription medication bottle with the lid attached. You can then glue the top of the lid to the bottom of small flat rock. Once the glue has completely dried, you will want to dig a small hole in the soil so the prescription medication bottle can slide right in. The only thing that should remain above the surface of the soil is the rock. Paint something cute on the top of the rock or place a favorite decoration of yours right next to it. This will help you to remember which rock is hiding the spare house key.

In The Bottom Of The Bird Feeding Dish

You will want to be careful that you are keeping the key covered so it is out of sight from anyone that casually walks by, while also ensuring that the key is securely in place so a large bird does not accidentally pick it up and carry it away. To accomplish this, you will first want to empty all of the bird feed out of the dish. Clean the dish and dry it off so that there is no residue or crumbs left from the bird seed. This is important because such residue could make it difficult for tape to stick. Place the spare house key on the bottom of the dish and tape it in place with industrial tape. Make sure that you are covering the entire key so moisture cannot get to it and cause it to rust. Once you have done this, you can then refill the dish with the bird feed. You will want to always keep an eye on the level of the bird feed in the dish so you are refilling it as needed. This will ensure that your spare house key will never become exposed.

With those two suggestions in mind, you should surely be able to find a great place to hide your spare house key outside. For more ideas or for additional guidence in locking your home, contact a locksmith, like one from Action Lock & Safe.

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picking a safe for your home

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